Bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna

Atún Rojo

Fishing and Almadraba

We have three purse seine vessels operating under strict sanitary and ecological control measures and catching bluefin tuna until completing the quota assigned for each season.

Our fishing companies:

Le Thon Du Nord S.A.R.L.
Pesqueries Elorz, S.L.U.
Panchilleta S.L.U.
Real Atunara S.A.
Pesquerías de Almadraba S.A.


Following capture, bluefin tuna is transferred to one of our four aquaculture fish farms where we run a variety of innovation programmes that enable us to know more about our products and take better care of it.

Once they reach an ideal weight and size, the fish are extracted on demand, which allows us to supply a product with an authentic and natural flavour.

Our aquaculture companies:

Mare Blu Tuna Farm Limited

Atunes de Levante S.A.

Auxiliary industry

Another factor that greatly influences our leadership is the management of the entire auxiliary industry, which allows us to comply with a comprehensive and fully integrated process.

We have a complete auxiliary maritime fleet in charge of carrying out feeding manoeuvres, personnel movement and R&D, as well as facility control and maintenance.

We also have three deep-freezer vessels, ideal for freezing up to 70 tons of bluefin tuna per day at -60ºC , and a land fleet with logistical capacity for transporting bait and tuna to the production centres.

Only a perfect breeding and marketing cycle like the one we have developed in our company can produce a renowned and top quality brand like Fuentes Bluefin Tuna.

All our specimens are caught sustainably using the Japanese ike jime technique and bear a label certifying their full traceability, from the sea to your table.